Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Quasi-Confesses to Molesting 12-Year-Old Girl

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Quasi-Confesses to Molesting 12-Year-Old Girl

The senior leader of Gateway Church, a megachurch, said he had “inappropriate sexual behaviour” with a “young lady,” but he didn’t say that the girl was 12.

Mr. Trump once named the pastor of one of the country’s biggest churches as a spiritual advisor. He has now admitted to “inappropriate sexual behaviour” with a woman who says he abused her sexually when she was only 12 years old.

Cindy Clemishire told the religious watchdog blog The Wartburg Watch on Friday that Robert Morris, the leader of Texas’ Gateway Church, asked her to come into his room during his Christmas stay with her family in 1982.

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Quasi-Confesses to Molesting 12-Year-Old Girl

At the time, she was 12 and he was 20. She said Morris raped her and then told her not to tell anyone about it “because it will ruin everything.” According to the story, Clemishire told a close friend about the abuse that went on for years. Morris’s wife found out, and Morris quit his job as minister.

He finally went back to the church and started Gateway Church in 2000. It has grown into one of the largest megachurches in the country, with 100,000 people attending each week, according to the church. Trump put him on a spiritual advice board in 2016 because he is the senior pastor of the church.

After Clemishire came forward, Morris said in a statement to The Christian Post that he had “inappropriate sexual behaviour” with a “young lady,” but he wouldn’t say how old Clemishire was at the time.

“They were kissing and petting, not making love, but it was still wrong,” he said.

As long as the girl’s father and church leaders agreed, he said, he went back to ministry two years after the abuse was discovered. “They graciously forgive me after I asked them to,” Morris said.

Elders at Gateway Church also told The Christian Post that Morris admitted to a “moral failure” and was now free of any guilt. He hasn’t been charged with a crime yet, but sexual crimes against children in Texas are not covered by the state’s statute of limitations.

“Pastor Robert has been honest about a moral mistake he made more than 35 years ago, when he was in his twenties and before he started Gateway Church.” They told the Post, “He has told the public from the pulpit the right biblical steps he took in his long process of restoration.”

Still, the church has tried to keep Morris out of sight of most people. The Dallas Morning News says he didn’t lead the church’s services on Saturday, and the church has refused to do any more interviews or make any more comments.

Clemishire told the Dallas Morning News that her family never agreed with Morris’s decision to go back to the church, even though Morris said they did.

“We don’t think someone who has done this should be in charge of anyone in any business, but especially in the church,” Clemishire said. When asked if she thought Morris’s public apology was sincere, Clemishire said it wasn’t.

The judge said, “I don’t think it’s repentant when someone calls a 12-year-old girl a young lady and tries to explain what happened as just some heavy petting.” “I don’t think that’s turning away from sin.” No one should ever do that to a child. It’s just not okay. There is no reason.


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