Highlights from Spain's match vs Croatia

Spain vs Croatia highlights, ESP 3-0 CRO, Euro 2024: La Roja open campaign with a comfortable win

Highlights from Spain’s match vs Croatia in Group B of the Euro 2024 competition at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany.

Watch the highlights of Spain vs. Croatia, a Group B match at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany, on Sportstar. Aneesh Dey was here to walk you through every moment of the pre-game build-up and minute-by-minute updates from the action.

Highlights from Spain's match vs Croatia

Important Updates
Spain’s Lamine Yamal will compete in the European Championship in 2024 at the youngest age ever.
Spain’s starting lineup!
Starting lineup for Croatia
JUNE 15, 2024, 23:27ENTIRE TIME
With a 3-0 victory over Croatia, Spain kicked off its Euro 2024 campaign in grand fashion. Alvaro Morata, Fabian Ruiz, and Dani Carvajal all registered goals.

JUNE 15, 2024 23:24 “ESP 3-0 CRO” 90+2″
A header from Perisic meets a cross coming in from the right flank. The seasoned forward, meanwhile, is unable to maintain his effort on goal.

2024 JUNE 15 23:21 90′ ESP 3-0 CRO
At the end of the second half, there were five more minutes!

JUNE 15, 2024, ESP 3-0 CRO, 23:20 88′
When Ferran Torres spots an opening, he sprints for the goal. He tries to sneak past his defender and send in a cross, but it is blocked, giving Spain a corner.

ESP 3-0 CRO Spain subs: IN-Ferran, Zubimendi; JUNE 15, 2024, 23:18 OUT: Rodri Yamal

2024 JUNE 15 23:15 81′ ESP 3-0 CRO
There’s drama yet to come—Croatia’s goal has been overturned. The Croatian players’ infraction inside the area during Petkovic’s penalty kick is the explanation. After a thorough examination, VAR cancels the goal. The nighttime in Croatia becomes worse.

Why did the referee award Croatia a penalty goal against Spain in the 2024 European Cup? Despite the player scoring from the spot, Croatia’s penalty against Spain was overturned because Perisic entered the box before the kick was awarded.

Simon saves Petkovic’s first penalty, but Perisic dives to square the rebound, and Petkovic scores on his second try.

2024 JUNE 15 23:11 79′ ESP 3-0 CRO
The on-field referee’s decision is ultimately upheld by VAR, who attempted to determine if Rodri’s foul warranted a red card.

JUNE 15, 2024, 23:10, 78′, ESP 3-0, CROATIA PENALTY Majer puts pressure on Simon to win the ball when he clears it carelessly. He hands it to Perisic, but before he can fire, Rodri chops him down. Michael Oliver, the referee, indicates the location right away.

2024 JUNE 15 23:08 76′ ESP 3-0 CRO
From the left flank, Perisic whips in a cross, but Simon receives it directly. Simon did a good job of communicating with his two centre backs, who were trying to clear.

2024 JUNE 15 23:05 73′ ESP 3-0 CRO
It’s not often that we witness Croatia leading Spain in ball possession (52%), but that is the case right now. But that will not concern anyone in Spain.

15 JUNE 2024 23:03 72′ ESP 3-0 Croatia substitute: Petkovic IN; Kramaric OUT

15 JUNE 2024 22:59 68′ ESP 3-0 CRO
Subs in Spain: IN- Merino Oyarzabal OUT: Williams, Morata

2024 JUNE 15 22:58 65′ ESP 3-0 CRO
Croatian substitutes: Pasalic, Sucic OUT: Modric, Kovacic

JUNE 15, 2024, ESP 3-0 CRO, 22:55 63′
Majer seeks to sneak inside the Spain box and take a shot after Kovacic makes a driving move and delivers the ball to him. Cucurella moves swiftly to make the tackle and stop the onslaught.

JUNE 15, 2024 22:51 60′ ESP 3-0 CRO Spain sub: Pedri Out – Olmo

ESP 3-0 CRO June 15, 2024 22:50:56′ IN – Perisic OUT- Budimir

2024 JUNE 15 22:48 55′ ESP 3-0 CRO
Large chance: Croatia has a great opportunity to score a goal back. Croatia attacks, flooding the Spain box and preventing the latter from getting the ball away. Cucurella makes a goal-saving block as Stanisic lunges at the loose ball. Budimir is still trying to head the ball inside the net as part of the attack. Simon, though, is there to pull off a superb save. Simply said, the Croats are not having success right now.

2024 JUNE 15 22:44:52; ESP 3-0 CRO
Save: Yamal receives the ball within the box and attempts to shoot with his open boot. He makes a good connection with his effort, but Livakovic makes the save with incredible speed.

JUNE 15, 2024, ESP 3-0 CRO, 22:40–48′
After Kramaric catches Carvajal, he appears to be in pain. Although Spain has committed a foul, it is not a major one, thus the player should be able to continue.

JUNE 15, 2024, 22:38
Just so you know, Morata ties Cristiano Ronaldo for third place in the standings at the European Championship.

When Spain plays Croatia in the 2024 European Championship, Morata ties Cristiano Ronaldo for third place in the standings.
In Spain’s Euro 2024 Group B match versus Croatia in the Olympiastadion Berlin, Alvaro Morata scored the game’s first goal.

JUNE 15, 2024 22:37 – PART TWO
At the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany, the second half is underway with Spain leading Croatia 3-0.

JUNE 15, 2024, at 22:23 HALF-TIME!
At the half, Spain leads Croatia 3-0 with to goals from Dani Carvajal, Fabian Ruiz, and Alvaro Morata.

It’s possible that Spain ended the game before halftime. After winning the ball on the right flank, Yamal attempts to cross the goal within the box. Carvajal arrives to deftly touch the ball inside the net after he curls one in at the near post.

What a moment and setting for Carvajal to score his first goal for Spain in the international arena with this.

2024 JUNE 15 22:17 45+1′ ESP 2-0 CRO
Close to the Spain box, Kovacic receives the ball. Despite having a lot of support inside, he chooses to take a shot and misses the mark.

15 JUNE 2024 22:17:45′ ESP 2-0 CRO
At the end of the first half, there were two more minutes!

2024 JUNE 15 22:16:44′ ESP 2-0 CRO
Cucurella’s cross deflects off Mayer and nearly lands at Nico Williams’ feet, but Livakovic is wise to see the danger and dive in front of Williams’ foot to collect the ball.

2024 JUNE 15 22:14 41′ ESP 2-0 CRO
Majer cuts to the far post, swinging a cross from Gvardiol’s right flank. Gvardiol chooses to pass it back across the goal’s face, and he does it with a deliberate touch. Although Budimir made the run, he was unable to apply the decisive touch, which would have resulted in a goal back for Croatia.

2024 JUNE 15 22:10 36′ ESP 2-0 CRO
There wasn’t much movement up until the first goal was scored, but now that Spain is ahead 2-0, Croatia’s urgency is apparent. The game is still open and there is still a long way to go.

2024 JUNE 15 22:07 34′ ESP 2-0 CRO
Croatia comes dangerously close to equalising as Brozovic attempts a low effort from the edge of the box, but Simon palms it away. Majer receives the rebound and attempts to shoot goal but misses and hits the sidenetting.

Ruiz’s skill was everything there. He controlled the ball once it was inside the box, danced past a number of Croatian defenders, and finished with a grounded shot to the far post. Now that Spain is flying high in Berlin, Croatia still has a mountain to overcome.

JUNE 15, 2024, 21:59Goal Number 28′ GOOAL! ESP defeats CRO 1-0! MORATA WINNING!
With superb ball control and vision, Rodri can anticipate Morata’s run. He sends Morata clear by threading a pass between a handful of Croatian players. Two Croatian players are pursuing the Spain captain, but he maintains his cool to carry the ball inside the box and pass it into the net.

2024 JUNE 15 21:57 26′ ESP 0-0 CRO
Nico Williams enters the play and crosses the back post. Although Yamal is there, he is unable to control the ball and it exits play for a Croatia goalkick.

2024 JUNE 15 21:54 23′ ESP 0-0 CRO
Budimir finds himself inside the box as Stanisic lashes a cross in from his right flank. Budimir manages to get a header off, but his shot misses the mark.

2024 JUNE 15 21:53 22′ ESP 0-0 CRO
Budimir timed his run nicely after Sutalo threaded a through ball for him. As he attempts to reach the end of the pass, Simon emerges to retrieve him.

JUNE 15, 2024, 20′ ESP 0-0 CRO, 21:52
Now that they appear to have settled, the Croatian players are merely passing the ball around and attempting to find openings in the Spanish defensive. However, this period of dominance was not present in the first few minutes.

2024 JUNE 15 21:49 18′ ESP 0-0 CRO
Majer receives the freekick and attempts to drive a cross into the box, but the Spanish defence easily handles it because of his weak delivery.

2024 JUNE 15 21:48 17′ ESP 0-0 CRO
Cucurella pushes his way into Majer, giving Croatia an opportunity to use the freekick to put something inside the box.

JUNE 15, 2024, 14′ ESP 0-0, 21:46 CRO
Yamal, on the right, is fed by Pedri and has room to sprint into the Croatia box. When he tries to outrun his marker, two defenders end up sandwiching him.

2024 JUNE 15 21:42 10′ ESP 0-0 CRO
Nico Williams receives the free kick; he attempts to find a teammate by lobbing the ball inside the box, but Livakovic deems it as out of play and the throw misses everyone.

JUNE 15, 2024, 10′ ESP 0-0, 21:41 CRO
In an attempt to win the ball, Sutalo catches Morata, giving Spain a favourable position for a free kick.

15 JUNE 2024, 21:38 7′ ESP 0-0 CRO
From right outside the Croatia penalty area, Morata takes a shot. Considering how feeble the shot is, Livakovic easily gathers.

15 JUNE 2024, 21:37, 5′ ESP 0-0 CRO
The right-hand cross of Lamal is obstructed. After the ball reaches Pedri, he passes it to Ruiz near the box’s edge. Instead of taking the shot, Ruiz tries to repay the favour, but Pedri doesn’t appear prepared.

JUNE 15, 2024, 3′ ESP 0-0 CRO, 21:34
Morata chases after a ball that is thrown over the top, but Livkovic gets a strong head start and breaks his line to grab the ball before the Spanish captain can get to it.

JUNE 15, 2024, 2′ ESP 0-0 CRO, 21:34
The moment Yamal makes his initial contact, the Spanish supporters roar with excitement. In the competition’s existence, he is the youngest player to have ever appeared in the Euros.

JUNE 15, 2024, 21:31 STARTING TIME!
At Berlin’s Olympiastadion, Spain and Croatia are playing in Group B of the Euro 2024 competition.

JUNE 15, 2024, at 21:15
Be familiar with the match officials before the contest!

Who will officiate the Group B match between Spain and Croatia at Euro 2024?
Michael Oliver, an Englishman with a FIFA badge since 2012, will serve as the primary referee. He has been a part of UEFA’s elite group of referees since 2018.

JUNE 15, 2024 20:57 Head-to-head record between Spain and Croatia!

All-time head-to-head record between Croatia and Spain before their Group B meeting at Euro 2024
Spain has won six of the ten games played between the two teams, while Croatia has won three.

JUNE 15, 2024 20:36: Lamine Yamal of Spain becomes the youngest player to ever compete in the European Championships

Spain’s Lamine Yamal will compete in the European Championship in 2024 at the youngest age ever.
Lamine Yamal was selected in Spain’s starting lineup for its opening Euro 2024 match against Croatia, making him the youngest player to ever appear in the European Championships.


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