Samantha Bacha

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Quasi-Confesses to Molesting 12-Year-Old Girl

The senior leader of Gateway Church, a megachurch, said he had “inappropriate sexual behaviour” with a “young lady,” but he didn’t say that the girl was 12. Mr. Trump once named the pastor of one of the country’s biggest churches … Read more

Red Roses: The Symbol of Love and Romance

Have you ever wondered why red roses are so popular among lovers? Why are they perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any other romantic occasion? What is the history and meaning behind this beautiful flower that has captivated hearts for … Read more

Black Roses: History, Types, Uses Meaning & Symbolism

Black roses are one of the most intriguing and mysterious flowers worldwide. They have captivated the imagination and curiosity of many people for centuries and have inspired countless legends, stories, and symbols. But what are black rose’s? Do they exist … Read more

Mandevilla Colors: Benefits, Types & Color, How To Care

Mandevilla is a tropical vine that produces stunning trumpet-shaped flowers in various colors. It is a popular choice for gardeners who want to add color and charm to their outdoor spaces. Whether you grow it on a trellis, a fence, … Read more

Portulaca Hanging Basket: Care, Benefits And Uses

Portulaca Hanging Basket, Portulaca, also known as moss rose or purslane, is a colourful and easy-to-grow moist plant that thrives in hot and dry conditions. It produces vibrant flowers in shades of pink, yellow, orange, red, and white that open … Read more

Gitts Crazy Dahlia: 7 Easy Steps To Grow

Gitts Crazy Dahlia are easy to grow, whether you’re experienced or just starting out with gardening. People love them all around the world because they come in many different flower styles and plant sizes, making it seem like they could … Read more